Snapshot 2014 – Lone Star Spartans

From conception to present day, the Lone Star Spartans have grown from a novel idea into a recognized team and force to be reckoned with. In 2013, Spartan Race held their famous Texas Beast in Glen Rose, Tx which was designed by the notorious Norm Koch. This race was also the Lone Star Spartans’ inaugural event […]

Joe DeSena’s kid reacts to him introducing the Burpee

When Joe DeSena was creating Spartan Race, he likely discussed some of the details with his family. This was their reaction to the concept of penalty Burpees… Did you sign up to win a FREE Spartan Cruise? Fill this out and invite me if you win 🙂 Click the image below. **Disclaimer** No this is […]

FREE Spartan Race Cruise Giveaway

Spartan Race is widely known to help support the fitness lifestyle and for pulling people off the couch. They are also known for providing giveaways but this time is different. Spartan Race is giving away ONE FREE SPARTAN RACE CRUISE for 2 people! ::IMPORTANT:: Sign up for a chance to win A FREE CRUISE here!!! […]

Racing on a budget

Whether you are a OCR veteran or a newbie, you will come to know running these events can get expensive very quickly. Most of the cost are beyond the price of entry: food, gas and lodging. Here are a few tips to help reduce the overall cost. 1. I need my space – Lodging Depending […]

World Cup Burpee Challenge

The World Cup is upon us! In a matter of days the world will come together to determine the best soccer team in the world. To join in on the fun, lets combine our favorite acitivities…soccer and burpees Go every point scored by the USA, do 30 burpees For every point scored AGAINST the USA, […]

Happy Birthday Burpees – A Lone Star Spartan Tradition

With the trend of Obstacle Course Racing (OCR), people from around the world are uniting and forming teams to build on the motivation and camaraderie of the sport. Shared experiences build bonds that are changing lives every day. With these bonds come the added bonus of sharing the joyous occasion of one’s birthday. The Lone […]

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