The following information is to help you with any questions about the Lone Star Spartans. We are working to continuously add more information as it becomes available. Please use the following links below to help navigate your search.



EVERY MONTH FROM 1ST-10TH, the team store will reopen for business. IT WILL CLOSE PROMPTLY EVERY 11TH OF THE MONTH. All merch will be shipped and received by the first of every month so the store can reopen. Check out our LSS Shop page located here.


Team jerseys:

These are now handled 100% by LB themselves including shipping. If you order a jersey going forward (please do) all inquiries should be handled through them. Find them here. Password is LoneStarOCR



There’s also an events tab above with a list of all the races that we may be participating in. If you don’t see an event listed that you are attending, by all means, please add it to the events page. Please look there before asking the group who all is attending a certain event. Chances are you can find your answer there. Event List.


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