Testimonial: William Holloway

Last year towards the beginning of July I weighed nearly 300 pounds. I was the biggest I had ever been in my life and pretty much all around miserable all the time… I woke up one day and as I was driving to work it literally just hit me out of the blue, I was […]

Testimonial: Lynda Acevedo

Here goes guys..please read at your own risk. LoL Like many of you may know, this weekend Spartan Races were not my first, and most def not my last. I’ve had the pleasure to join this team in SR in SoCal and Vegas before this weekend. I wasn’t feeling nervous for this weekend, instead I […]

Testimonial: Brandon Brewer

I am fixing to head to Las Vegas, NV for another Spartan Race. Something that a year ago today had never crossed my mind, and had you asked me about it, I would have thought you were crazy! A question posed in another group brought up a flood of emotions from my journey the last […]