To All Lone Star Spartan Members,

We have approximately 6000 members in the Lone Star Spartan’s Facebook group page. Our team has grown both in size and in outreach in a short  six years. We are a team dedicated to helping its members and others around us live an active lifestyle through the sport of obstacle course racing, road racing, trail runs, triathlons, cycling, and numerous other fitness adventures. We strive to be a team for people of all fitness levels that wish to challenge their mental fortitude and shatter their physical limitations.

Saying all of this we want to welcome any new team members and post some common information about the team and helpful guidelines that have been created by the team council.

We ask that if you are posting on this page that you follow a few simple guidelines.

• If you represent Lone Star Spartans at a race, please remember that you are representing more than just yourself. You are representing everyone on the team, united as one team. That means help your fellow team mate if they need help on a course. Follow ALL rules and guidelines set out by the race and their organization. Respect all fellow racers. This includes the areas on which we reside during races. Please be respectful of the area that we are in, including team tents and camping areas.

• Make sure all posts are positive in nature. No derogatory or negative comments will be made towards fellow team mates or other teams.

• No fundraising links of any kind with the ONLY exception being a team fundraiser approved by all members of the council.

• This is a family environment and should be treated as such. Anything that is considered “R” rated will be deleted immediately from the page and you will be sent a warning via PM from one of the admins. After it has been discussed with you, if you decide to continue posting offensive material you will be removed from the page. No exceptions.

• Before involving yourself with other members, please get to know them before committing to anything involving private accommodations, travel expenses and exchange of money. LSS is not responsible for the individual actions of its members.

• If you have concerns or any problems arise with fellow team mates please bring it to one of the council members in a private message.

• The Lone Star Spartans Leadership Council members can be found here.

Merchandise is for sale in our team store. Team jerseys are manufactured and shipped directly by LegendBorne. The link to order them can also be found in the team store.

We encourage you to keep shattering your limitations and continue to push others to do the same.
Here are some helpful links….

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