About the Lone Star Spartans

Lone Star Spartans is a Texas based racing team dedicated to helping its members and others live an active lifestyle through the sports of obstacle course racing, road racing, triathlons and cycling. We strive to be a team for people of all fitness levels that wish to challenge their mental fortitude and shatter their physical limitations.

“I think it’s generally good to get in at the start of things, whatever those things may be. if you wait, until things are up and running, you’re never really caught up. Lone Star Spartans, is The original Texas OCR team. A group of total badasses who push limits, stay healthy, get healthy, and get people off the couch into something more. Like field day, in school. The inaugural race will be The Spartan beast in December. If you’ve ever ever wanted to do a grown up version of a badass field day, come join our team. We are already 200 strong. And you can play in the mud, swing from the trees, climb stuff, run, hop, skip, jump. And be an original member! We’re kind of a big deal. So come on over. Play with us!” -Michelle Thorpe, LSS

Leadership Council