Shower Toga

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Pre-order your Shower Toga here. In-person pickup is available at the San Antonio pre-race dinner, March 19, 2021. Choose “Local Pickup” option for the pre-race dinner. There will be no distribution/pickup on race day!!!

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What is Shower Toga? Shower Toga is an innovative 5 ounce, high quality, patent pending, coated nylon wearable product for changing, showering and redressing. Shower Toga doubles as a bag for your dirty clothes, or wet suit, allowing you to keep your car clean and dry. Cleaning up after activities has never been easier. It’s basically like a portable locker room-Just add water! See this page for more details. Here’s a YouTube video that shows the Shower Toga in action.


** Note – this is the regular Shower Toga. There is no Spartan branded/logo on this, only the Shower Toga logo. Spartan sells their branded Shower Togas on their web site.


Shower Toga (bagged)

Shower Toga (full cover)

Shower Toga (waist-down cover)


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