Happy Birthday Burpees – A Lone Star Spartan Tradition

With the trend of Obstacle Course Racing (OCR), people from around the world are uniting and forming teams to build on the motivation and camaraderie of the sport. Shared experiences build bonds that are changing lives every day. With these bonds come the added bonus of sharing the joyous occasion of one’s birthday. The Lone Star Spartans have taken this time to not only celebrate their teammate’s birthday but have taken it a step further…they are giving the gift of burpees.

Why would people participate in this? Why the hell not? Burpees are one of the best body exercises that can be performed anywhere at any time. This also helps form unity within the team and its participants. To further engage one another in a common interest that some love to hate or hate to love…the Burpee. To be fair, the first to endure this was myself, Andrew Ford, with a generous 435 burpees. AROO!

Guidelines are as follows:

1.0 A member of your team must announce your birthday via Facebook. Birthday burpees begin from the original announcement until midnight of the same day.

2.0 Every Like of the original post, every comment thereafter on the original post and every Like on every comment of the original post equals 1 burpee.

3.0 All burpees must be completed on a selected day of the participant’s choosing within 30 days of participant’s birthday. If participant is injured and cannot safely preform burpees, 30 day limit begins on first day of recovery or medical discharge. Ridicule on when participant has fully recovered is NOT  acceptable. Members should encourage participant to recovery safely and continue to encourage a healthy lifestyle.

4.0 If you are on the participating team, your teammates may donate burpees on participant’s behalf. Participant must NOT ask, request, or imply they want volunteer burpees. Penalty is an additional 30 burpees per request or insinuation.

5.0 If participant does not wish to participate, they must opt out on original post. Participants who opt out of Birthday Burpees must not participate on future Birthday Burpees.

6.0 If participating members of your team forgets a participant’s birthday, each team member will give the birthday person 100 burpees.

7.0 If a member announces they plan to hide their birthday or quit the team prior to birthday and rejoin after birthday will be issued 500 burpees. Plus, an announcement that said member has rejoined the team and rule 2.0 will apply. Volunteer burpees will not be allowed for the 500 penalty burpees.

These are merely guidelines which can be adapted and modified to each team’s liking. The goal is to bring the team together in celebration of each other’s birthday and to continue the journey of healthy living.

**Birthday burpees issued***

1/9/15 Andrew Ford: 7,887

2/2/15 Sil Boria: TBD

2/12/15 Melanie Chargualaf: TBD

3/1/15 Ed Puente: TBD

4/22/15 Ashley Armitage: TBD

5/21/15 Claire Adams: TBD

6/20/15 Mike Boone: TBD

7/31/15 William Holloway: TBD

8/30/15 Kerry Miller: TBD

9/8/15 Crystal Clendennen: TBD

11/9/15 Dani Voelkel: TBD

11/29/15 Christine King: TBD

12/22/15 Amy Bedwell: TBD

Matthew Gambino: TBD

“Its not a hobby, its a lifestyle.”

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